For a Safe Journey

A person in reality is a traveller, and some time or the other, he needs to go on a journey. Any person who intends to go on a journey must read Sura Qul Ya Ay-yuhal Kaafirun, Sura Jaa’a, Sura Qul Hu-wallah, Sura Falaq and Sura Naas and then commence with his journey. Insha-Allah, his journey will be safe and prosperous.
 Dogs And Photographs

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has stated: “Angels of Mercy do not enter that house in which there are dogs and Photographs (of living objects)”.To keep dogs, without reason, but as pets, is disallowed and to take photographs without a valid reason, is also Haraam. To keep a dog for the protection of an orchard, a farm, a business, your house, etc. is permissible. When keeping dogs even for this reason, utmost precaution is necessary. To keep money, postal stamps, passport, I.D. document, etc on which there are pictures of living objects, due to necessity, is allowed.
 Benefits of Salt

The Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) said: “O Ali! You should commence your meal with salt, since there is cure in salt for 70 illnesses and amongst them are leprosy, leucoderma, insanity, stomach and toothaches”. (“Jaame Kabeer”).
 Question/Answers about Impurities

Q1.Besides blood, urine, alcohol, etc. what other major impurities are there which you should be aware of?

A1.Menstrual flow (Haiz), blood from childbirth (Nifas) and blood discharge (Istihaza).

Q2.What happens if these impurities are discharged from your body?

A2.The Wudu and Ghusl will break.




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